Monday, October 9, 2017

Colorful Living Room Decorating

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I'm so excited to share some changes in our living room. 
After weeks and weeks of waiting, 
the new pillows, table cloth, and topper
finally arrived last week.

I'm still waiting for a chair, but I'll save that for another post.

I had no intention of getting into anything big. 
No new sofa or chairs.
No major reupholstering projects.

Really, it all started with a gorgeous pillow in our den.
I loved this fabric so much and fretted over its care, 
especially after the dog pounced on it 
one too many times. 
The new pillow was promptly moved 
to the living room.

It was perfect with the sofa,
so perfect in fact...

Oh, boy.

Pillows multiply like rabbits around here.

Not an optical illusion.
That's two pillows you see there on my sofa.

You know where this story is headed.

Yep. I kept going.

So far, I am loving these changes.
Decorating really is in the details!

Here's to a peaceful week
and color in the living room!


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  1. What a grand living room, lovely colours indeed. Warm greetings.

  2. What a pretty room. I really like all the pillows. I have WAY TOO MANY pillows at my house. I think it is a sickness and they do multiply like rabbits. xo Diana

  3. Beautiful!! I love all those colors blended together. Your living room is fabulous!

  4. Love, Love Love!!!!! I love those colors, the prints, everything!


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