Monday, September 11, 2017

Magnetic Crystals for the Chandelier

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The old light fixture in our dining room (technically a new fixture)
was removed and consigned fairly soon after we settled in this house.
It was way too big for our narrow table. 

In its place I had an oil-rubbed bronze fixture installed.
Nothing fancy, but nice.
The shades I purchased at Ballard.

Easy upgrade.

Now that we've been in our home for a while (eight years almost), 
I have time to tweak things and focus on details. 
This does not mean I'll ever "finish" decorating.

As relieved as I still am not to have the clunk-your-head chandelier,
I've been regretting picking one so plain.

I was very tempted to replace it. Again. 
However, I don't chuck stuff lightly.

I ordered a chain sleeve and magnetic crystals from Ballard.
I loved the crystals, but still hated the look overall.

You know how we decorator types do, right?
I stood around and kept eyeballing things.
I moved from from place to place, hoping a different vantage point
would make me like it better.


It was too much white.

I took the shades off.
The bulbs were hideous—dusty and smudged and ugly.

New bulbs?


Windex and paper towels?

I took these photos in the early evening because the sparkle was soooo pretty!

When my husband got home from work on Friday, 
he found me cleaning lightbulbs.

I suppose he thinks the school year is already getting to me.

I snapped a few pictures in the daylight hours, too.

If you're in the market for magnetic crystals,
I can honestly say these are great.
The magnetic pull is strong, and
the crystals are heavy and clear.

I read lots of online reviews before ordering them
because I absolutely detest having to return things.

Hope you have a sparkly week!
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  1. The crystals look beautiful.I will have to check them out. I hate to return things too and very careful when ordering online.

  2. I had never heard of magnetic crystals! It looks beautiful.

  3. Perfect! A houseful of girls definitely needs sparkle. :)

  4. Hi Suzanne,
    Your chandelier makeover is so pretty. The bulbs do get dusty, don't they? Windex and a paper towel are quite handy! The magnetic crystals really add a lot. Well done!


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