Thursday, August 3, 2017

Love Letter to Bloggers

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I have decorating magazines that are TEN YEARS OLD, and I still look at them. This does not make me senile (does it?) because I actually remember the images there, but for some reason certain rooms draw my interest again and again. Rooms with vivid wallpaper or funky design choices or thread-bare orientals or a bold mix of patterns or artwork or a small space that has been so cleverly arranged I want to study it.

In case you don't have your readers, the date is November 2006.

While I admit to having stacks and stacks of magazines, many do get recycled. I find I don't go back and look at Southern Living again and again. Why? Maybe it's because sometimes those rooms feel too perfect or professionally done. Not always! I love my Southern Living, but to me decorating is more engaging when I know the owners didn't have gobs of money and big-name designers on their side. Instead, they figured things out by trial and error.

Penny Carlson's previous home was featured in French Country Style.

The bloggers I visit again and again are typically the ones who have a story, and I like to follow
along—maybe the blogger just moved and is starting all over (think Marian at Miss Mustard Seed), or she has built a brand new forever home (Stacey at Poofing the Pillows or Penny at Enjoying the Simple Things), or she has an adorable family (Amanda at Dixie Delights) or a cute dog and a husband who is handy (Kim at Savvy Southern Style). Maybe she does white decor sooo well (Kelly at The Essence of Home), or she is one of the kindest people you'll ever hope to cyber meet (Diana at Nana Diana Takes a Break and Marty at A Stroll Thru Life), or she has a gorgeous kitchen and a good sense of humor (Shelley at Calypso in the Country). I love all these bloggers and so many more! See below for links to their websites.

Isn't it funny how we touch each other (I don't mean this in a weird way) and that we feel we know one another? Some of these bloggers I don't interact with much, but still I like them a great deal. Think of all the dull Tuesday evenings when there is nothing to do or anything interesting on TV or you don't feel like reading just yet because it's too early. Suddenly, you realize it's TUESDAY, which means Wow Us Wednesday is happening over at Savvy Southern Style, so you hop on over and post something. Even better, you find out one of your posts has been featured! You are not alone in your decorating abyss! You are not the only one who has opinions about how to hang a mirror or what to plant in the garden or where to stay on vacation.

I am not a regular blogger. I disappear for months at a time because when school starts again, I'll be crazy and have no freedom, but still I visit these bloggers nearly every day. When I'm grabbing a quick sandwich at my desk and there is no Calgon to "take me away," I can check out new curtains in someone's dining room or find out so-and-so rearranged the living room furniture again, or some blog house I love has been sold! It's like the old days when I watched soap operas. By the way, I had a terrible dream about Susan Lucci last night and woke up wondering if she was okay. I digress.

Susan Lucci: Photo Credit TV Guide

Anyway, this is a love letter to you blogger folks. Your homes inspire me. Your success stories and innovation inspire me, too. And when no one else cares that I moved Ma's old cupboard, I know someone "out there" will tell me it looks too Granny-ish, or they'll post a comment and say they like the new chairs in the dining room. As we all know, kids and husbands sometimes have zero opinions on such matters, or even worse, they hate it when we keep changing things, and decorator folks are always changing things.


I hope you bloggers have a relaxing weekend. Wait. Let me rephrase that. I hope you find the inspiration for your next post because we are watching and waiting and wondering what you'll do next.

Here are a few of my favorite bloggers in no particular order.

Miss Mustard Seed
Poofing the Pillows
Enjoying the Simple Things
Dixie Delights
Savvy Southern Style
The Essence of Home
Nana Diana Takes a Break
A Stroll Thru Life
Calypso in the Country

I'll be back on Monday to show you a new painting in the dining room, so stay tuned. 


  1. Awe thank you Suzanne for mentioning me!! I love all of the blogs you listed. It is funny how after all of these years, it seems like I have a HUGE family, scattered all across the world. You are one of my favorite blogs to read as well. I love your colorful home. Have a wonderful weekend! My sister is visiting for a few days and we are going to have a ball.

  2. I read this post cracking up. So true about men not caring. I could never put my finger on why blogging is so rewarding, but you've said it well. I love bloggers who will tell you when something is too granny-ish, or when the new color you painted the dresser is just not making it.

  3. Suzanne,
    This is so true. The blogging community is like our extended big family. It is amazing how we can connect with peeps from all over the world. I love your blog and all your color. Yep even us neutral girls can love a girl that can do color so well. Have a great weekend.

  4. It's great that you kept those magazines! Now everything is the same, same, same trendy decor. I even belong to decor sites and you'd think I belonged to one; they are all decorated exactly the same. What happened to your own style? It is why I love your blog! :) Thanks for being refreshing.

  5. Well,Suzanne!!! My goodness!! I never expected to see MY name here in your post. I am nodding as I went down the list thinking- yup-yup- yup--and then I got to me and when WHUT? lol Thank you for thinking of me but my family might beg to differ with the the "nice" factor you attributed to me. lol

    I understand what it is like when you have small kids. I would never have found time to blog when my kids were school aged. I give a lot of credit to moms today. It is harder than even a few years ago when my kids were young.

    I have hoarded magazines for years (and years and years). I recently went through and gave away almost 300!!!! magazines...and that is not telling you how many I kept. lol I have every issue of Romantic Homes from the first one on. I even got rid of tons of old decorating we prepare to finally downsize. Some of them though- I just can't bear to part with. I still find inspiration in some of the old magazines, too. There is nothing like hands on for me-with paper and being able to sit with printed medium in my hand. I love my computer, too, and all the options I get to visit decorating ideas--but I still am holding out for good magazines.

    Thank you again and have a wonderful weekend with your family! xo Diaa

  6. What a great post my friend and I kept reading it I feel so much like you, in fact a while back I said, maybe this is it for me, I am to classic, not change much, except for the season a little and I don't have a white kitchen, lol.. I also seems to tablescape mostly, so I guess my blog is getting boring. I too don't blog as often as I used to.
    I was so happy to see you commenting my so called Boho setting. I appreciate it and I too love to see you and your beautiful family here.
    Well, I too have hoarded so many interior decorating magazine and hubby wants me to throw them out, but hey, I love to go thru them again from time to time, ten year old ones and more. I haven't bought any lately either.
    Keep well dear friend.

  7. Oh my goodness, you are so incredibly sweet! I just adore my blogging friends too. We all have very different lives but we are drawn together by love of home and family. It's like a sisterhood. :)

    I have magazines that have been with me for years upon years also. In fact, I started a tear out sheet notebook in about 1998 and still have those pages. They are just as pretty to me now as they were then. My love of Southern Living is waning, I will confess. We started receiving that magazine when we got married and still do but I find that it's all too perfect. I wonder whose version of the south they are sharing...not mine. I do love Rick Bragg though!! :)

  8. How did I miss this post?!! You are just the sweetest! Thank you so much for including me in your list, Suzanne! I had tears in my eyes reading this because it is so nice to feel appreciated! I love your list of bloggers as well and what a great reminder of why we all hang out in this crazy world of blogging! I must admit, as blogging has changed over the years, I sometimes doubt why I still do it. Your lovely post has made me feel refreshed and reminded me how important it is to stay true to who we are. We are all unique in our thoughts and decorating styles but it's sometimes easy to get caught up in the "I should be doing this" world! I always enjoy reading your blog. I feel like I am sitting down with a cup of coffee (or tea, in my case)...actually make that wine, with a good friend! Your home is so welcoming and I connect with you as a mom who just adores her children. I also connect with you on the magazine hoarding. I can't even tell you how many past issues I have stacked up! Oh and the dream thing! You cracked me up on that Susan Lucci dream comment because I occasionally will have a random dream or premonition and I feel the need to tell everyone because many times they come true! For some reason I want to great credit for my psychic abilities! Great post and thanks again for the mention, dear friend!


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