Friday, July 7, 2017

Wallpaper in the Powder Room

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I am not a wallpaper hater. As a girl I was allowed to pick the wallpaper that went into my bedroom. And I loved it! Every. Single. Day. It had flowers and butterflies, and I was devastated (no exaggeration) when I grew up and that paper came down. My mom wanted to "surprise" me by redecorating my old room. Let's just say I had to do some serious, Oscar-winning performing when I first saw the change. I still think of that old attic bedroom (the one I decorated myself) and recall how much I loved it. And don't even play that Miranda Lambert song, The House that Built Me. It gets me every time.

For years I've wanted wallpaper in the powder room, something bold and bright and a little more modern than what we have in other parts of our home. It was an easy decision, honestly, because I know what I like. Plus, I wanted blue since that's the thread of color in our house that ties everything together. The hardest part was getting myself to the store to actually pick it out.

This pop of color shocks everyone when they first see it, and it gets lots of oohs and ahhs! 
The good kind as far as I can tell (or maybe they are Oscar-winning performers, too😜).

I love it, though, and so does my husband, which is what counts. I have yet to pick a wallpaper I didn't love. Maybe that's because I have such a gut reaction when I see something I like. Plus, we only have it in our main hallway and here. Perhaps the other key to wallpaper is to give yourself a taste rather than a heaping portion.

Here's hoping you have a great weekend! We have lots going on here. Middle daughter leaves for a mission trip on Sunday. Youngest daughter is in a lacrosse tournament. I have some weeding to do.

Our hydrangeas haven't bloomed for the past two years due to extreme cold weather, but this year they are amazing! 

I really should change the name to Hydrangea Hill!

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  1. Love it Suzane and I love that you are embracing what you love. I am using wallpaper in my new house and I am loving the texture and color it brings into a space too. It has been a long time since I used wallpaper but I am so happy to use it again. This is really pretty.
    Happy Weekend.

  2. I love the bold graphic pattern of the paper you chose. It has so much impact in the small space.


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