Monday, July 31, 2017

Summer Is Good To the Last Drop

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I'm turning off the TV whenever those back-to-school commercials come on, putting my fingers in my ears and hollering "blah-blah-blah" if anyone starts blabbing about fall coffee flavors. Do NOT talk to me about those "cooler nights."

It's still summer in these parts!

Here are a few snapshots of this very-much-still-alive SUMMER!

I love the view from my kitchen window.

Dropped middle daughter off at camp last week. 
She's a counselor this year, 
and I suspect this is the very last time 
she'll let me snap a picture to commemorate
the moment. 

The husband grows glads and I'm so glad. 😜

Summer is the perfect time to annoy an older sister.

And even though my girls are growing up, they still get skinned knees. I love this about them!


Family time!

Yep, good to the very last drop.


  1. Yeah for summer time! I am with you. I love each season and live in the moment!

  2. Looks like the best summer!! Seeing your beautiful, teenage girls sure takes me back in time. I bet you are loving this stage of life.


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