Monday, July 3, 2017

Summer Getaway!

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OH, we were so in need of a vacation, and this year's trip to OBX did not disappoint! First, this is my happy place. We've been coming here for years and years. We stayed in the cutest villa. Most of the day we are on the beach, but it doesn't hurt to return to a house that is visually pleasing at night. Obviously, this homeowner put a great deal of TLC into the place. Here are a few photos to share.

Colorful and fun!

I'm not sure what they put on this grass, but it was green.

We were very sad not to have oldest daughter with us this year. She is still in sunny CA, and she just started a new job. And so I begin what I consider to be the hardest stage of motherhood (yet)—letting go.

Two youngest daughters were with us, however, and they had a blast. I also got lots of exercise time, too. If I could live each day to my choosing (joint pain and job aside), every day would include exercise. It feeds my soul in a way nothing else can.

Summer is our time to reconnect and recharge and refocus our attention on the important things, like one another. This year, it's also time to start looking at colleges. Middle daughter begins her senior year in the fall. Like I said, working on that "letting go" part.

Here's to a happy summer for all of you!

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  1. You have a beautiful family Suzanne and it looks like you had a wonderful time together! I understand the letting go part. Even though my boys are younger, my 13 year old has definitely gotten more independent lately. It makes me have so many mixed feelings! Glad you enjoyed your trip and have a Happy 4th!


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