Monday, July 24, 2017

Pretty Living Room

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If you've been following my blog for a while, you know the living room is probably my favorite room inside our house (screen porch is the favorite outside). This weekend I spent a lot of time tinkering and rearranging and looking at magazines. I am downright obsessive about my decorating mags. As much as I love looking at things online, it just isn't the same as an actual magazine!

Here are a few little tweaks I made, which was more work than you'd think! We're off to do some more college touring in the next few days. Fingers crossed middle daughter finds a school she'll really want to attend, though I keep offering to "home school" her for college. So far, that idea hasn't really caught on. 😜 If you want to know more about college visits and suggestions for the process, you can check out my post about that.

I moved the table from the front windows to this location, right next to my writing chair, as I call it.

I slapped some Annie Sloan paint on these candlesticks and called it a day. I may tinker with them more later. Feel free to offer suggestions!

This cabinet once belonged to my husband's grandmother. We love our antiques, and oriental rugs.
The dishes you see here are truly lovely. They belonged to my MIL.

Here's hoping you have a wonderful week, and find some time for tinkering, too.

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  1. Love that painting on the mantel. I could suggest you sand the candle sticks to get a little distressing on them, if you like that kind of thing.

  2. Very pretty! I always love touring your classic home. Have a great week!

  3. Your living room is beautiful, Suzanne...I love the soft tones and class style but moreover, the relaxed feel. I also love your mantel, I think its a great example of your style. We use our living room a lot, it has close proximity to the kitchen where all the activity seems to be!

    I know a daughter leaving the nest is bittersweet. You could have picked me up off the floor when my last child left. She wasn't such a brave soul either and we had a few phone calls with tears on both ends. Time helps but it's different for every mother. Hang in there!

    Thanks for the visit!

    Jane x


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