Saturday, September 10, 2016

Sofa Details

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As promised, here are the new sofa details!

For starters, I did my homework. I've sat on a lot of sofas this past year, and to be truthful, I was not very impressed with most of them, including a few big-name places that I won't name.

Finally, I decided to try Calico Corners, a trusted favorite of mine. They had a heavenly green velvet English arm sofa in the front window. We have a dog, so velvet was not in my future; however, the cushions were down, the shape and lines lovely, and it was constructed to last.

I took lots of pictures and brought home a ton of fabric swatches, which I kept way, way, way past the due date (and they didn't charge me). The fabric I chose is made by Crypton. The color I liked best was oatmeal. According to the sales guy (yes, a guy!), the fabric could withstand pretty much anything. See for yourself.

One day while eating lunch and drinking Diet Coke, I decided to do my own test. Yep, I poured Diet Coke on the sample of oatmeal Crypton. I kid you not, it rolled off. I've since watched the stain removal video on the Crypton website.

Now I don't plan to go pouring Diet Coke or red wine or soy sauce on this brand new beauty, but it's comforting to know if something happens (and we all know it will eventually), it can withstand life-happens spills.

This morning my husband hauled our old sofa to a donation center.
I have to say, it made me a little sad to see it go.
Yes, I do realize how weird that sounds.

I went walking with my neighbor and shared those sentiments with her.
I said, "I breastfed my children on that sofa!"
With a touch of sarcasm, she replied, "I'm sure its new owners will be happy to hear that."

Er…maybe not.


  1. Suzanne- It is beautiful! Love that you gave it the cola test! lol I am happy that you found something you love. xo Diana

  2. You are a genius doing a fabric test on the new fabric! Love it! Did you get a stain guard as well? I love the new sofa, the color and texture. I find a textured fabric cleans up really well. Good choice and thanks for that idea of using the swatch to experiment! ;-D


  3. Suzanne it is beautiful. Love love love your pretty new sofa. That is so awesome about the fabric too.

  4. Love your new sofa and sumptuous pillows!! Great look. Have a great week.


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