Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Touch (just a touch!) of Fall

 photo signature_zps1e656175.png
It's coming, I know, but I don't like to rush seasons.
I'm starting fall decorating with baby steps
and a cue from Mother Nature.

Baby steps? Or, do you just plunge right into fall?


  1. Baby steps here. It is still hot, hot, hot here and I am not in the mood for fall. Love your hydrangeas.

  2. Definitely baby steps! It's been so hot up until today but I am slowly pulling things out. Your touches are so pretty!

  3. Your home looks beautiful. This year I'm doing what I've wanted to do forever, all natural. No little "knic knacks". I donated all that stuff and Halloween stuff. I kept 2 skeletons to hang on the outdoor lanterns Halloween night. I'll be using flowers, fruit and real pumpkins. And I'm thrilled!! (I wouldn't have done this if I still had little kids!! LOL)

  4. It looks great!! Love your hydrangeas. Have a great week.


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