Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Red Door

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That sounds so ominous—THE RED DOOR.

Anyway, we have a red door, 
and it's not ominous.
In fact, 

It's cheerful and vibrant, 
and it makes all the 
black and beige
a tad more exciting.

 I've made it a point to get lots and lots
of garden pictures.

Like the squirrels with their nuts, 
I'm storing them up for winter.

When that first winter storm hits and the temp drops, 
I can look back and sigh and recall 
these dog days


  1. I just adore your red door! It beckons people to come in.

    I don't blame you one bit for taking those pictures and saving them to remember. I remember those snow pictures you've posted before!

    Happy Thoughts of Home Suzanne. ;)

  2. Love it! Can you show us a complete picture of your house? I love the color combinations. I'm in the process of choosing a color for a peak over my door, the shutters and the door. My house has cream colored brick.


  3. That's such a good idea! Hopefully, it will warm you just by looking at them. We usually have mild winters compared to some so the cold isn't usually the issue as much as just missing all of the lush greenery everywhere that we enjoy during the summer. Winter is so ugly here. Everything is brown and grey and the trees are bare. It's my least favorite season. Your bright red door is very pretty! It does make a nice statement on your house.

  4. Positively adore your red door! Have a great weekend.

  5. I have always had red doors, until this house (we are not allowed to paint it a different reason I am selling and moving ). I love the style of your door!

  6. It is a beautiful color and a beautiful door, excellent choice!

  7. I love the color. Did you recently paint it and if you did what color did you use. I need to paint our door and I love your color.

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE beautiful painted front doors....the brighter or more unusual the better. Check out my green door post today, ha ha LOL. I just posted that and then came here and saw your red door post. Love your pretty red door. Wasnt the "red door" that famous Elizabeth Arden salon in NYC so many years ago...for the wealthy socialites and such? I think it was on Fifth Avenue? Wonder if that place is still there? Has your red door been like that for long or have you recently painted it? Either's pretty and eye catching

    1. I'm off to check out your post now. That's funny! Yes, it was a spa sort of place, I think. I'm not sure if it's still there. I painted the door two or three summers ago. Now I can't remember how long it's been. The color has held up very well, though. It's Benjamin Moore's European line, and this is called "Rembrandt Red." Have a great Monday!


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