Monday, August 22, 2016

It Will Grow

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Rewind to seven years ago. 
Our backyard was bare save for a few daffodils the contractors "couldn't get rid of." 
That's what he said, "We couldn't get rid of them."

There was some landscaping on the front side, 
but the back was bare.

We started slow and small.

And in no time at all, we had this!
 Please ignore the fire pit
that desperately needs repainting
and is filled with rain water.

The big boy on the left is a viburnum.
I thought I was getting the transitional snowball version, 
but this is actually a lace cap. 
Either way it's stunning. 
He was teeny when I bought him!
Same with the limelight.

Here's a little comparison:-) 

My husband always asks when I'm going to blog about the patio.
I have blogged about it before, but here's a plug for the handy guy.
He built this baby with his own two hands.
It was big time labor, but it saved us big time bucks, too!

It's important when planting to remember it really will grow!
Not a bad idea to follow the guidelines on the label.
Spacing is everything.

We are settling in to a back-to-school routine.
What about you?


  1. I give your guy a big applause---your patio is perfect. I love your big viburnum, is that also called a Butterfly plant? And the limelight, hydrangea? I desperately need ideas for fast growing, large plants. And I have to say, beyond your patio is a landscape I would die for!!!


  2. Suzanne... your patio and backyard are stunning. Don't you wish you could freeze that hydrangea tree to last all year long? Enjoy your week.

  3. Oh wow Suzanne how beautiful. They are loving where you put them in your yard. Your patio is gorgeous and your hubby is amazing to do that all himself. What a beautiful place to retreat too. Have a great week.

  4. Hi Suzanne! Glad you enjoyed the post about the old alley. Oh I do love your patio so pretty! And your pretty bushes are so big and amazing and blooming so pretty!


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