Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Summer Tour 2016!

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Summer tour continues!
Everything is blooming like crazy around here,
though I'm beginning to feel
summer wane a bit.
Never mind that.
I don't want to think about waning summer.

Like most of the rooms in my house, 
the dining room is a hodgepodge of antiques
and a few new 
or refreshed pieces.

I'm a big believer in sitting at the table every night.
Sometimes we can't all be there.
Or, we're having pizza

As with the living room, 
we wanted custom draperies.
I have no regrets about this decision.
The blue is bright and cheerful.
The trim adds a touch of play.

My kids think I'm weird, 
but I comb the fringe on the rugs.

The chairs were hand-me-downs from the in-laws. 
I recovered them myself 
added pretty pillows.

Christmas and Thanksgiving and birthdays
are celebrated here.
But really it's the everyday that matters most.

Today is a rather sad day for me.
I've had oldest daughter visiting from 
sunny California.
Tonight she heads back to her grownup life.
Time to paint something maybe.
Or pull a few weeds.


  1. Such a pretty room. We don't use our dining room enough but then again, ours isn't as inviting as yours. Love the blue and white - and I also used to comb the fringe on my rug. Unfortunately, it has gotten worn out and sparse in some areas so I don't do it anymore. Yours looks so neat and pretty. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. Really pretty, Suzanne. I love that you mix old things with newer fresher looks.

    I know you'll miss your daughter. Our older son is in Oklahoma and it's hurts me deep down in my soul from missing him.

  3. Your dining room is beautiful. I like how the window treatments coordinate with the wallpaper in the adjoining room. I also like how your dining table is painted on the lower half. I hope that you can find a project to immerse yourself in so you won't focus on your daughter being gone.


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