Friday, July 1, 2016

Summer 2016 Garden Tour

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We've been gardening up a storm here these last few years, and it's starting to pay off. Our backyard had a whole lotta nothing when we first moved in, so we got started planting stuff. 

And, as promised, I am sharing some new tweaks we've been making around here, too. 

New geranium wreath on the door. 

While the backyard is all about blue and green with touches of pink, 
the front yard is mostly about red.

My husband has quite the green thumb. He planted this new garden last year 
and this new garden in the spring.
Both are thriving and so pretty.

Ferns on the porch are my favorite. 
Easy to care for and pretty.
The deer don't usually bother them, either. 

And here's another recent tweak.
The old arbor was leaning, and it looked goofy.
The vine was growing beautifully, but we 
took the whole thing down.
Husband purchased this for a steal at
Plow and Hearth.
The vine is growing back nicely.
Oh so much better.

Strawberry cream hydrangeas to come!

See that copper pot?
It was sitting in our garage for years. 
I wanted something pretty for the hose.
Sometimes the perfect thing you want/need
is right there under your nose!
And that rhymes.

These wind chimes were a gift for my husband for Father's Day. 
They sound like church bells.

These lights are another addition, a Target find!
They look so pretty hanging in our tree, especially at night. 
Reminds me of lightning bugs.

The morning glories are just starting. 
Usually by late summer that trellis is loaded with blooms. 
Fingers crossed!

Nothing, zip, but look at it now.
One plant/flower/shrub at a time.
When we first moved in, I thought this place would 
feel like home. 
Now every time we're away, I can't wait to return.

And there is nothing like a red door.

Happy Fourth of July weekend, folks!


  1. Suzanne, everything is so pretty and lush. You really do live in a special spot and your red front door always makes me smile. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Your gardens look wonderful. I miss gardening so much. I can't wait till we sell this house and move back to NC and I won't ever live in a development again where I can't plant a garden!! Happy 4th weekend!

  3. Suzanne everything in your garden is gorgeous. Happy 4th. Enjoy.


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