Thursday, July 7, 2016

Raise Your Hand if You're Excited for Towels!

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These few posts are about much-needed updates. 
New mattress? Check.
New arbor? Check.
New master bath towels? Check.

Since I teach I try to get lots of home stuff accomplished
during the summer months.

I went with something cheery and bright:
Pottery Barn's organic cotton towels in 

Soft? Check.
Absorbant? Check.
Durable? Check.

What is up with the checks? 

I even had them monogrammed.

Our bathroom is a rather neutral shade of pale yellow, 
a color I love, 
but the details are vibrant, 
which I also love.

These are on my window ledge. 
The two tiny ones are from oldest daughter.
The one in the middle is from a beloved student
who has had an especially difficult year.

Last year I switched to a half-time schedule to allow for more 
family time.
And sleep. 
Sleep is a beautiful thing.

This fall I go back to my crazy full-time schedule.

Kind of excited.
Kind of not.

We'll have to see how it goes, but I do love it when students
do something sweet like this.


  1. Love the colors in your bath! That shower curtain is fabulous!

  2. the towels are fresh and bright and pretty but oh my!---what got my attention is that gorgeous shower curtain-----LOVE IT


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