Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Living Like a Queen

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Good morning, and happy Tuesday that feels like Monday.

I'm continuing my posts about new tweaks around here. 
Not anything too grand, but a few updates that make me happy.

Notice anything?

Those shoes are new (and red!), but that's not it.

Nothing new on the walls, either.

No? You don't see it?

Nope. Not here, either. 

Back in May I decided enough was enough.
Our mattress was so old I'm embarrassed to say just how old here.
I purchased this brand new one, and I now call this
the princess bed.
The prince gets to sleep here, too, of course.
It's a Beautyrest, and I absolutely love it!

Someone compared mattresses to running shoes.
After a while they need to be replaced.

I was waking up every day with neck and back pain.
This (knock wood) has done the trick.
I mean, it doesn't reverse time or anything, 
but it definitely helps.

Have a restful week!


  1. I'm so glad you posted this because we are mattress shopping. Our current mattress is about 8 years old, which according to the commercials is too old. It was awful just a few months after we got it. That experience has made us so gun shy that when we go shopping we can't commit. Do you mind sharing which mattress you bought?

  2. I once had a sales person say something to me as I was considering what mattress to buy. I was basing my decision on price. He said, people spend $20,000 or way more to purchase a car that the will sit in maybe 2 hours a day and replace the car within 4-5 years. We spend 8 hours a day on a mattress and keep them for 10 years or more. I decided to stop replacing my car so often and bought the best mattress I could afford. I sleep wonderfully now!

  3. Hi Suzanne! So happy your new mattress is comfy. I think it is so hard to find the right one. We bought our current one about four years ago, and neither of us are overly pleased. Next time, we will definitely buy from a store that offers 30 day trial...our current one was a buy it and don't come back. So one of these days, we will bite the bullet and try again! Love to see your bedroom pics and adore your light fixture. Sweet dreams! Jane

  4. Very pretty room! Glad your new mattress is helping too!


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