Monday, July 11, 2016

Kitchen Refresh!

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This summer is all about little tweaks here and there, 
out with the old, dysfunctional
and in with the new.

Since the day we moved in, 
I detested my old kitchen faucet.
But, because it was new 
and it seemed wasteful to replace it, 
I left the old one in place.

However, it was never installed properly, 
and that thingy that allows you to unscrew the 
what's-it and clean out the sediment
was lost long ago. 

Time for a new faucet!

I'm a traditional girl. 
I think modern is really cool
(in other people's houses).

I like to look at modern.
I just don't want to live with it.

Here are a few shots of the kitchen.
This faucet pleases my eye, 
it works so much better than the old one!

It works nicely with the cabinet hardware, too.

This little cutie is from Napa, California.
I love tea towels made of real 100% cotton.
They dry things so much better!

A kitchen window with a view!

Fresh flowers from the garden. 
I do love summertime!

Here's to making do with what you have
and then updating when the time is right!

Have a good Monday.


  1. I love it when little tweaks are in order and nothing major is required. Your new faucet is beautiful and the flowers are the icing on the cake! You know I love your kitchen. :)

  2. Your new faucet looks great! I am a traditional type of gal too.

  3. Love the new faucet and I always love seeing your kitchen! I am traditional as well! Enjoy your week!

  4. Love your new faucet. Amazing how something so little can have such a big impact on how we feel about an area, isn't it? Your kitchen looks great. I see you use Mrs.Meyers, too! I just bought some more of her hand soap today. My little grandson always smells his hands before he washes the soap off when I use that cute... xo Diana

  5. The new faucet looks great and the flowers are beautiful! Always enjoy seeing your kitchen, so pretty!

  6. Loving the beautiful flowers ♥


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