Wednesday, June 29, 2016

All Things Pink and Pretty!

How is it I did better with blogging when school was still going on?
That just doesn't seem right!

Here is a look at my pretty updates this spring. 
Yes, I know it's summer.
I'll get to those, and there are LOTS (a few) changes happening around here.
Very excited about some home updates to come.

Our peonies were so pretty this spring. 
And the screen porch is my idea of heaven.

A new door mat with lots of colors
and pink geraniums this year instead of red.

Lush and fresh.

This poor little thing was nearly destroyed by nasty voles, 
but it's done well this year, finally. 

Mammatus clouds were so amazing a week or so ago. 

And youngest daughter finished up the eighth grade. 
Sadly, we are done with the cute little middle school right up the road.
On to high school.
Youngest daughter is going to high school. 

Yes, I actually said that. 

I hope you had a great spring and are enjoying this wonderful summer. 
I plan to savor every single second!

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