Friday, April 1, 2016

Tweaks in the Master

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This is not an April Fool's post. 
I am not joking.
I don't have that kind of energy.

I really do want to tweak a couple of things 
in my master bedroom and bath.
We're talking little things.

You know you got it right when six years later, you still love a space.
First, I love the yellow.
Second, the white bedspread and pillows.
Third, the fabric for the curtains and chair and pillow (which I made myself!)
That is NOT an April Fool's joke, either.

But look at that space by the chair. It needs a pretty floor lamp.
And I am on the hunt.
It can't be too big or too little, though.

And I'm thinking about making another tweak in the bathroom.
Just thinking about it makes my neck ache.
I want to paint the ceiling.
A pale, pale, pale, ever-so-faint pinkish color.
It might even be in the salmon family.
We're talking faint!

We had to repair a leak a few years ago, and the ceiling colors don't match.

I might still be talking about this a year from now.
Lately, I've been lazy about house stuff.

I hope everybody has a good weekend.


  1. I agree that you made good design decisions when you still love a space many years later. I would be careful of painting the ceiling a specific color other than white though. If you ever decide to change your decor, you may have to repaint the ceiling again. I know that is very challenging and extra messy!

    1. Good point, Kelly. My neck hurts just thinking about it:-) I have to repaint the ceiling anyway, so I may just get a tiny sample and test it out first. The good news is my BR is on the small side. I hope you're having a great spring so far!

  2. Yes- You know you got it right when years later you look at it and still love it. I have a couple of rooms like that, too.
    Love that shower curtain, Kelly. Good luck painting that ceiling (or not).
    Happy April- xo Diana

    ps. Yep- you need a floor lamp there!!! lol

    1. Thanks, Diana. My daughter just sent a few links for floor lamps, so we'll see. Have a great weekend!


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