Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pig Latin

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This is the last of my blue stuff post, but I love this fat girl in the corner here. Yay for Home Goods. Sometimes I go and find nothing; other times it's a big ole jackpot. Can you hear the ding ding ding sound yet?

I polished those brass candlesticks, too. I volunteer for my church's flower guild, which is right up my alley, let me tell you. I was arranging flowers with some other women right before Easter, and somehow the topic of brass came up. Anyway, this woman (who has an old stone farmhouse to die for!) confessed that she put all her brass candlesticks away. I asked why. Her reply had nothing to do with decor trends. She said, "I just got sick of polishing it."

When I was polishing these the thought did occur to me that I could just put them away.

There was an episode of Will & Grace a few years ago that struck a chord with me. Will got home and Grace was all worked up. "What's wrong?" Will asked. "We have to move!" Grace exclaimed. "We have to move right now. I can't stand this place another second!" Will looked at Grace and deadpanned, "You just don't want to clean your room, do you?"

I have a thing for flying pigs. It all started a few years ago when I decided to read John Steinbeck's East of Eden. On one of the introductory pages was a quote in Latin: Ad astra per alia porci (to the stars on the wings of a pig). Steinbeck said the winged pig "was earthbound but aspiring," and as a writer who worked hard and longed to be published, this quote spoke to me.

Not too long after that, a dear friend sent a gift in the mail. It was a winged pig (she had no idea about the Steinbeck quote), and not long after that, I had three book contracts with Penguin, the publisher not the bird. Winged pigs have always seemed a sign of hope, and who doesn't love a sign of hope?

This corner was looking too stuffy, so I plunked him up there. He has a nice view out the window.

This critter came from pottery barn. I'm not sure what he's a "sign" of, but he was lonely in that store and didn't seem to fit in, so I brought him home. Maybe he's a symbol for taking leaps of faith. I've done that plenty of times, too.

Here's to a Wednesday of hope, leaps of faith, and no polishing of brass whatsoever.


  1. I have that same flying pig. He was a souvenir on a family vacation a couple of years ago. My pig resides in my dining room too! Makes sense. pigs like to eat. so pigs. dining. you know.

  2. Aw, we have little twin pigs! Yep, plenty of pigs in my dining room, too:-)


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