Thursday, April 14, 2016

Lazy Susan

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The dishwasher is purring, the lawn mower is humming, and I am clicking away at these computer keys. The children are at school and husband is at work. I have a few precious minutes to blog and think before going into work myself. This last week we've had so much going on, which is probably a good thing since it's taken our minds off our little Maddie Mutt's passing. It's in the quiet moments when my mind slips into "this time last week" thinking.

So, let's move on to a more cheerful topic: Home Goods! In the depths of my despair, I did not head to the local bar or (sadly) the gym. Instead, I went to Home Goods and Target for some retail therapy.

A couple of new cutting boards. 

A spot for oils and such. I had planned on a pretty tray, 
but this acrylic lazy Susan seemed so practical.

Who doesn't love a lazy Susan, right?

I go back and forth on wine storage. Sometimes, I like the wine rack on the counter.
Other times, it gets relegated to the garage, and the wine goes in the cabinet.

You might remember I told you about using Blue Apron a few weeks ago.
We're still at it, and as a result I am cooking more. Like, real cooking.

So far, it's been fun. I put the music on and enjoy the process.

I love good styling. In my next life, I want to be a stylist.

You know those clever shots where it looks like some 
cool girl just returned from the French market?

Freshly baked bread and a bouquet of lavender on the counter.
So effortlessly glamorous.

A good stylist leaves things in the pictures that most of us take out, 
or at least things I'm likely to take out—a bag of groceries, reading glasses, the stack of mail.

We want our pictures to reveal our homes at their best.
But, as a reader I like looking at the stuff.

The truth is I was too lazy to walk over and remove those bags you see on the bench.

But I convinced myself it was okay to be lazy and not remove said bags
because it was good styling, you know, reflecting the life 
of the woman who lives here.
Effortlessly glamorous and all that.

I left that dead flower in the vase for the same reason. You know, because it told my story.

Are you buying any of this yet?

Who is the lazy Susan now, huh?


  1. Love your new cutting board and lazy Susan. I was fortunate enough to have my house professional styled and put in French Country Style magazine last year. Sunday Hendrickson was the stylist. She asked me if I had a red sweater, so I went to my closet and got her one. She tossed it over the arm the chair in the kitchen and it was included in the shot. Real life!

    1. Penny, I still have the magazine and look at it from time to time. So beautiful! It's always exciting when I see a blogger friend featured, and I see them all the time. I really do think there's an art to styling. Just pulled out the magazine. Ha! I see your red sweater!

  2. Oh and she also sprinkled flower petals around the vase and left them there.

  3. Ha! So cute - your post gave me s smile. You found some terrific Home Goods treasures. Jane

    1. Thank you, Jane. I love Home Goods!

  4. Thank you for this post! You really are the best! Sadly in my house styling would be the stack, big stack, of mail on the breakfast room table. (sigh) Truly a great post.

    1. Yep. Right now my "styling" would be backpacks and cleats and flip-flops:-)

  5. I love it! I like seeing how the mudroom connects to the kitchen too.

    When I was shooting my recent kitchen post, the family room behind me was a wreck! My son came in and asked what I was doing. I told him this is what famous bloggers do. haha.

  6. Just discovered you blog and its very pretty! Lots of love in your posts, I love that :)
    Keep up the fabulous work in posting.


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