Monday, April 4, 2016

Good Morning, Bathroom

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I know exactly what y'all need on a Monday morning—a gander at my girls' bathroom! Just kidding. Okay, I am going to give you a gander, but I know that's probably not what you need right about now.

We are just back from a week-long vacation in the Outer Banks, one of my favorite places on Earth. It was nice to sleep in and eat out and not clean anything (much). My girls (minus oldest daughter) took friends, so I feel as though I haven't seen them for a whole week.

The kids were great. They got along and had fun, all the things you want for them on a vacation, but I have to say, I missed hanging with them. That said, it really was a blissful week. Sadly, I was too lazy to take ANY pictures. Seriously. What's up with that? And we missed having oldest daughter with us, but we're hoping maybe she'll come along this summer when we go back.

Without further delay here's what you've all been waiting for, but first let me explain my method when picking out the color for the girls' BR. You all know I have wallpaper in the upstairs and down hallway, and blue is my "thread" color.

When I went to pick out paint colors, I took photos of the BR tile and of the wallpaper. After that it was pretty easy, and I had the help of the Ben Moore paint lady.

The shades came from Next Day Blinds, and I love them.
They are pretty and durable. The one in the hallway and bathroom match.

For this room I wanted to keep things clean and functional. 
Girls have enough stuff to junk it up pretty quickly, so there's no need for anything extra.
The shower curtain is from Anthropologie, and it's perfect for this room.
It adds a little touch of fun without being overly fussy.

 Well, there you have it.
Here's to a not-too-stressful Monday.

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  1. Love the shades. I have some in my living room. I also love the cheerful wallpaper!


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