Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Getting the Right Light

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Life is just plain old hard sometimes. I don't mean the big stuff, cancer and dying and divorce and financial ruin. Those are the real tragedies, the things that make us realize the rest is just small stuff.

But sometimes life is difficult. Did you ever read that Scott Peck book, The Road Less Traveled? I still remember his first line: Life is difficult. And it is. It's filled with disappointments. It's filled with trying your heart out and not giving up, yet still not being successful. It's fraught with meanness and wretchedness some days.

And sometimes people…well, they just need to go into the not-nice box.

I find the yucky stuff is especially good at showing up on gloomy days and in threes. It prefers Tuesdays, too. And if you're having an "ugly" day, the kind where your hair is frizzy and no matter which way you turn, everything looks old and fat, it will come knocking on your door and waltz right in without wiping its muddy feet. This will happened after you've just mopped, of course.

And then, when you least expect the world to shift, it does. The light slants just right or the red bird lands on your blooming forsythia bush and you stop in your tracks. It's like somebody's knocking on your big, stubborn head and saying, "Hello? Anybody in there? Take a look around, would ya?" And then you do look, and a tiny nuthatch has landed on the bird feeder. You glance in the mirror and realize it's a good hair day!

Here's to a good hair day and the right light:-)


  1. I love that book and still have it. I know those days all to well and I do believe in three's. HA! HA!

  2. Good hair days and the right light are favorites for me too. :)

  3. All it takes is for me to hear Mr. Cardinal out there on the patio in the tree singing to his mate...

  4. Suzanne,

    You totally nailed it! Whenever I'm having a not so great day I try to remind myself that "These Are the Good 'Ol Days". But still, spilling a whole cup of coffee on your blouse at 7:00 a.m. Ugh... and an overflowing toilet. Remembering you've missed an appointment. Life's little grievances. They do matter!!! They add up and create headaches and stress. Very bad moods and we tend to take them out on others and then we feel worse. Time to sometimes stop counting your blessings and start realizing "s*** happens! ;-D

    When we really face hard times and loss, we will remember the good old days.




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