Friday, March 25, 2016

The Open Space Concept

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Y'all know I love color, and while I have some colors in my house that are soft, I also like bold. Lately, I have been drooling over a few of the houses in Romantic Homes. I love decorating magazines, but recently this is the one that "speaks" to me. I think it's because there is a story in the houses they feature. What I want most when browsing blogs or looking at magazines is a story. I want a touch of funky or funny or travel or passion. Not collections picked up just because it's good design to have a collection of some sort, but a collection that has evolved and really means something.

The other trend I'm not especially fond of is the open kitchen/family room. I know. Everybody knocks out walls. When Property Brothers finishes a house, there's nary a wall left! Same with Fixer Upper.

But, I am a mother and a writer, and I need someplace to hide so people can't find me.

Also, it's noisy when the kitchen is smack in the family room. Given the size of our house, though, there wasn't much choice but to knock out the wall between the kitchen and family room. Otherwise, I'd be cooking in a hot box, and I don't want that, either.

In my dream world, I would convert this family room a breakfast nook with additional storage. Pretty light fixture in the middle, round pedestal table, comfy chairs, and maybe a built-in of some sort.

That said, I still love this space. I love my off-white cabinets and granite. It's not big, but it gets the job done, and it's easy to clean. 

We are getting a new sofa at some point. This one is worn out. I want a neutral color 
with durable fabric. My husband isn't crazy about the neutral idea, but if the sofa is dark, I will have to repaint and probably get a new rug. About the last thing I want to tackle right now is a major paint job.

I love all the windows in here. First thing in the morning, I raise the shades and eat my toast and drink my Diet Coke (yes, I know) and watch the birds flit from shrub to feeder. 

It's home. It's the place I long to be most of the time.
It's the place that comforts and warms me, inside and out.
I hope it tells a story of some sort, though I think it's hard for us to see what stories our houses tell. 

I hope you all have a peaceful weekend and a Happy Easter.


  1. I agree with you about the neutral sofa especially since I love those blue walls so much! I always love seeing these spaces. By the way, my husband drinks Diet Coke in the morning as well (instead of coffee). In fact, we keep cases of Diet Coke in our garage...he is so addicted. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter!

  2. Your home always looks so warm and inviting...


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