Friday, March 11, 2016

Pretty Yellow Bedroom

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Yellow has been my favorite color since sixth grade.
I remember thinking I had to pick a favorite color
and stick with it.

I had similar feelings about a best friend.

I am lucky enough to have several
best friends (thank goodness!), but 

is still my number one color.

Our bedroom doesn't get a great deal of light, so the cheerful colors
help to brighten the space.
Sometimes they brighten my mood, too!

It took me a while to get the bathroom just right.

Since I didn't get to select the tile and fixtures,
I had to work with a color scheme 
I found less than thrilling.

But guess what?

The right paint color and a festive fabric have made me
appreciate the space.

I hope this Friday finds you happy!


  1. You have created another wonderful room with the perfect attitude:
    "The right paint color and a festive fabric have made me
    appreciate the space"!
    Have a wonderful weekend,

    White Spray Paint

  2. It's so pretty! I just love soft paint color and the fabrics. We have a bathroom with a counter top that I wouldn't have chosen. We've only lived here 4 years though so there's no reason to change it. I have been thinking that I might use your trick.

  3. Yellow is one of my favorite colors too. Your bed and bath look wonderful.

  4. Your bedroom looks lovely and I love that shower curtain.

  5. Very, very pretty, Suzanne. You have a great sense of style! That sleigh bed is to die for and I love the gallery wall above. Very original and that's what I love about your home. Your bathroom is very cute. I like the layout.

    Thanks for sharing more of your pretty home! :)



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