Saturday, March 26, 2016

Every Minute!

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It's probably not possible to enjoy every minute of child-rearing. In fact, I know firsthand it isn't, but what I can tell you is that I enjoyed shopping with my girls (minus oldest daughter) on a pretty spring day. First, we went to lunch and afterwards the mall. Not our local, easy-to-deal-with mall, but the big, overwhelming mall a few miles away.

I had promised a "surprise," though they had no idea what it was. We are so overwhelmed with work and school and sports and lessons and a very busy social schedule (the girls, not me). It was so nice to sit across from them, to have real conversation, to eat a meal in the middle of the day without rushing. They are beautiful and smart and funny and so energetic. Finally, I filled them in on the secret: shopping. They both needed some spring things, so we headed to the mall.

As I sat in the fitting room waiting for youngest daughter to emerge in the dress she was trying on, I reminded myself to enjoy the moment, to relish this time when they are still at home with me, when they value (somewhat) my opinion on clothes and style. Let me emphasize the word somewhat.

I am proud to say, thrilled to say it, actually, that they thanked me, not once but several times throughout the day. "Thanks for lunch!" "Thanks for the clothes!" "Thanks for the dress!" It occurred to me then that I'm doing okay. It's far from perfect, but on days like this it's good to remind myself I'm doing okay and my kids are doing okay, too. The sacrifices and struggles, the discipline and rules are all worthwhile in the end.

The only missing ingredient was oldest daughter, but she is raised and doing well all on her own, without the daily influence of her mother.

This right here is my greatest accomplishment.


  1. Such a wonderful post! Your girls are so beautiful and I am sure you made the day memorable for them. What a great reminder to cherish each moment.
    Happy Easter!

    1. Thank you, Shelley. I hope you have a wonderful Easter!

  2. I loved reading this and seeing the pictures of your beautiful daughters! Well done, Mom! It's actually a bit refreshing to see even more seasoned mothers can have self doubts in their parenting, but I can tell from how you write and from their smiles that you're doing great! I have one 5 year old daughter(and a son) myself, and I'm looking forward to the aspect of friendship with her as she grows older! At least that's what I pray for. :)
    Easter Blessings,

    1. I know you will have a beautiful friendship with your daughter one day. Both your children are lucky to have such a great mom. Happy Easter to you, too!


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