Friday, March 18, 2016

Bright Colors in the Basement

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Welcome to our basement. 

This is where my kids hang out.
They watch movies.
They do homework.
They have sleepovers.

When I was picking out colors, I knew they had to be bright.
Otherwise, the basement would feel…well, like a basement.

I picked fun pieces for the walls, many of them made by my girls.
Mostly, I used what I had, and it worked well.

The pocket door straight ahead goes into my office.
We used pocket doors on the downstairs bath and office.
What a space-saver! 

A few years ago, I added the build-ins.
This made a huge difference.
The space felt more permanent somehow, 
like an important part of our house.

My decorating philosophy is just to have fun.
I want to come home from work, move through my space
and feel happy.

I wanted this room to be happy, too.

Speaking of happy, I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. I love all the colors you have used in this room. The built ins are great!

  2. I love your room. You have convinced me that when I paint my sewing room again I want it yellow.

  3. Love it!! You have so many perfect little details. I'm going to get one of those star light fixtures. The way the light bounces around is so pretty.

  4. That is one happy looking space and you would never think to call it a BASEMENT! You did a great job pulling everything together. It looks cozy but bright, too. Perfect! xo Diana

  5. It's definitely a happy room! I love all the colors and the amount of light you get down there. Our play room is in the basement but there are no windows in the finished part of our basement. So depressing. Maybe I need to add some more color to liven things up!

  6. I absolutely love it and the colors are fantastic!!! Jane

  7. This basement is NOT a basement! Beautiful!


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