Monday, March 7, 2016

A Walk on the Wild Side!

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When we moved into our home 6.5 years ago, the walls were neutral. 
Everything was neutral.

I love neutral in other peoples' houses, and I will gush
all day
about how soothing and pretty it is. 

There is nothing lovelier than a soft neutral combined with pretty accessories,
and a number of bloggers come to mind when I say this.

But I have a dare devil side to my personality, and let's just say that 
side doesn't get much exercise.
So, I paint.

Believe it or not, a dark color can work well in a small space.
I did research on this.

According to said research, 
there is one condition: lots of light.

We get a LOT of light in this room.

I love this room at night, especially with a cozy fire.

I love this room in the morning when I raise the shades
and have my toast
and Diet Coke

As much as I love color, I am so happy with my nice, neutral kitchen.
It balances everything out.

When I was putting this house together, I wanted a unifying color to work as a kind of thread.
I went with blue.

As of October we will have been in our house seven years.

That could mean the urge to redo some things.

Who knows, I might take a walk on the wild side!

Can you imagine decorating this family room for Christmas?

I hope everyone has a good start to the week.

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  1. I love the colors you have chosen for your home. I am not doing much painting now, but when we move to the next home I am hoping to have one room dark blue like yours. I just love it.


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