Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Get Me Outta Here!

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Yes, snow days are nice, that is until you have SIX IN A ROW and are stuck inside with teenagers who demand that you venture out into blizzard conditions to take them to the mall! I did not do that, mind you, but it wasn't because my girls didn't try. They did have multiple "play" dates, though, and I spent a good chunk of the week driving them all over creation.

At the last second, my husband and I decided Calgon would not cut it. We had to get away for real. And just so you don't misunderstand, my husband would go dirty for weeks rather than take a bubble bath, but I digress.

Anyway, we headed to Maryland's Eastern Shore for a one-night stay in this gorgeous place,

Okay, so it wasn't summer, and there were no hydrangeas blooming, but it was toasty and heavenly just the same. We had a wonderful time, and when we returned, we found the teenage drama right where we left it.

In case you can't get away just now, feel free to use these images to take you away.

Yes, it was heavenly! Only 24 hours, but heavenly nonetheless! I hope you're all surviving this 




  1. What a beautiful place! And a fireplace in your room to boot! We have not had snow this past week but it has been cloudy for a few days and today it is rainy.

  2. What a beautiful get away! We once had enough snow in Oklahoma that we were out of school for two weeks. I thought I'd lose my ever loving mind!

  3. This looks heavenly! We have to drive at least 2 to 4 hours to get anywhere worth going when we leave Birmingham, so I envy you folks who can just find something dreamy like this without making a huge expedition. We haven't seen any snow (or at least any that stuck) yet, but the winter is not over, regardless of Punxatawny Phil.

  4. Good for you! That bathroom was gorgeous. We have a State Park about 45 min away with a outstanding lodge, I always think we should go up there some cold weekend for a get away.

  5. How beautiful! I don't blame you for needing a little get away. Teenagers are loud and hyper! I've been there and I have one more left at home. I've heard that girls are the loudest too. Ha!


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