Monday, February 29, 2016

Blue Apron

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First, thank you so much for your words of wisdom regarding our little Maddie Mutt. Your kind comments were very helpful.

So, for a more uplifting post! This weekend my first Blue Apron order arrived!

A couple of months ago, my middle daughter decided to go vegetarian, 
and her mother is not much of a vegetarian cook!
I have to say as much as I want to support her, 
she has always been my non-fussy, non-picky
best eater child.

This new diet has been a big change for all of us.
I needed some ideas, and I didn't want to make a big investment in new cookbooks.
She is a teenager, after all. Who knows how long this will last?

I'd been hearing about Blue Apron, and I even received a $20 coupon in the mail
(which I forgot to use when placing my order).
Anyway, the box arrived on Saturday.

Three vegetarian meals.
All ingredients, save for salt, pepper, and olive oil.

And I do mean ALL ingredients.

On Saturday evening I made the first meal.

You still have to cook it, friends. 
If you're expecting an elderly mother type to show up in her blue apron, 
you're out of luck.

The prep and cooking were typical of a nice meal.
Not super easy (mac and cheese from a box), 
but not super difficult (beef bourguignon), either.

Everything was neatly packaged, totally recyclable, and fresh.

Yes, I could use some new sheet pans, don't you think?

I am no food stylist, so please be forgiving of these shots.
Plus, I don't really like taking pictures whilst cooking. It's a little odd.

The meal was delicious. Even my meat and potatoes husband loved it.
And my "little" lover of animals, who is proud to display her
"I don't eat cows" button, was very happy!

The cost is about $60 per week for the vegetarian meal, 
and slightly more for meat options.

We had plenty of leftovers.
You can cancel meals you don't like and opt out for weeks when you don't need the service.
I can't say yet if this will become a permanent thing, but I was pleased.

And, I have some new recipes to keep, too.

Have a great week!


  1. I have wondered about those meals. I have seen them advertized on tv. Looks good to me.

  2. Going to check this out. One thing I don't like about cooking is I always seem to be missing an ingredient. An onion, spice, whatever. I guess this would eliminate that. Something has to stop the expensive, unhealthy takeout I have us living on!!!! lol! :(

  3. I've always wondered about this service. Good to know how it all works! I think it'll be worth looking into. Glad I found your blog through Stacey at Poofing the Pillows! :)


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