Monday, November 23, 2015

No-mud Room

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I have this nice idea about the mudroom, you know, that it gets to be this messy space, one littered with dirty sneakers and lacrosse sticks and discarded backpacks and dog toys because I'm that breezy, cool sort of mom who doesn't mind clutter and junk. You know, like the lady in the paper towel commercial who laughs hysterically when the volcano science project erupts all over her kitchen. But, alas, I am not that volcano mom at all.

I like my mudroom neat.

This past year one of my projects was to repaint the mudroom. It had been what I will forever refer to as "crazy lady yellow," but after a while my enthusiasm for the glow-stick shade faded, and I wanted something softer.

Here's what we ended up with after my efforts. Okay, so I did listen to Janis Joplin while painting this, but it looks calm at least.

We've been in this house a little over six years. Time to redecorate! Just kidding, though I am thinking of tweaking a few things after the new year.

New clock from Home Goods and a sweet sign from middle daughter. She likes me!

I debated removing the bulletin board. It isn't all that pretty, but it helps our family function better, so it stays.

I did a post a while back about these baskets, and let me tell you, they work! My girls actually use them! And they no longer have to go on a wild shoe hunt in the mornings before school.

Have a great Monday!

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  1. Looks great! Really like the pastoral pillows!!!! Are they new?


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