Monday, November 30, 2015

Family Time

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Hard Monday, right?
All the anticipation of last week, all the massive preparation, 
and now 
it's over.

We managed to squeeze in some family time 
at one of our favorite nearby resorts.

Let me just say, 

Oh, it looks Facebook worthy, but there was 
and whining
conflict over electronics.

Teenagers are crazy.
Or, they just drive old people crazy!

There were moments this weekend when I 
for my girls as little people, when  

an ice cream cone
made everything right with the world.

But they are growing up, which is actually
what they're supposed to do.

Y'all think I'm gonna end this post with one of my
cheerful, optimistic platitudes.
But I'm not!
Teenagers are hard.
I love them anyway.


  1. Oh- yeah- been there-done that! They go from sweet little kids to bratty teenagers and ,if you're lucky, back to nice people again. Just when you think you don't know nuthin' 'bout nuthin'...they call you and say- "Hey, Mom, can you tell me how you made that chicken soup that last time I was home?" Close your eyes, say a prayer, and trust me on this one! xo Diana

  2. Yes they are! But they do actually return to nice people again after a while.

  3. Great post!! Coming from the mother of a college student who was home for Thanksgiving!! He makes me laugh so hard one second, the next I want to hurl myself out a window!!! LOL!!!


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