Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Bathroom Redon't

When we first moved in six years ago, we were
extremely happy to have an ensuite bathroom. 

We didn't love the tile choice the builder/flipper had made, however.

We got estimates for a redo—new tiles on the backsplash and floor, 
new cabinet, and bead board on the walls.

If memory serves the cost would've been $6,000.

Reality check, anyone?

We have children to educate.
Money doesn't grow on trees!

We were going to redo a recently redone (not hideous) bathroom.

Instead, I opted for a redon't.

I tried painting the walls the same color as our master bedroom.

I tried repainting the walls...

something vibrant and daring and…


As it turns out, the third time really is the charm, 
or it's charming enough for now.

First, I selected new fabric for the custom shower curtain.

Next, I took pictures of the tile
and headed to our trusted Benjamin Moore store.

A consultant helped me select a shade to complement the gray.

Next Day Blinds made a custom shade.

I wanted dark to contrast the light walls and match the shades in our bedroom.

To add color I used a few red accents.

It's not our dream ensuite bath, but I'm happy with it.
And I'm very glad not to have to think about it any longer!

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  1. It looks great! Love your shower curtain!

  2. I think it looks great, now, Suzanne. Sometimes it is all the little details that can take something to that next level (and acceptability) for us. I think you did a good job pulling it all together. It really looks good now. Love the shower curtain, too. xo Diana

  3. I think it turned out great. I love the shower curtain and I am a big fan of matchstick blinds.

  4. Looks wonderful to me! Wish we had a second bathroom. Love the colors.

  5. Suzanne it looks great. Sometimes it takes a few times to get it just right. The shower curtain is gorgeous.

  6. Suzanne can't believe I missed this post...your bathroom looks beautiful!! LOVE that shower curtain!

  7. Thanks, Martina. I like it much better this way!


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