Saturday, October 31, 2015


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There are many things I love about my home, 
but I have a few favorite spots.

Sweet spots, I call them.
I don't mess with the vignette too much
because I like it the way it is.
This is rare.

On this beautiful fall morning, I thought
I would share a few of them with you.

The lamp was a wedding gift.
The painting came from my MIL, as did the desk.
The pears are plastic.

The bowl is part of a collection, also from my MIL.
The books tell a story about who we are.

The mirror was a Home Goods find many years ago.
The candlesticks came from Target.
The piano belonged to my mother. I moved it to our house after she passed away.

My husband and I bought this bench when we were dating.
The pillows were custom from Calico Corners.
The water color is a picture of the house where my husband was raised.

The pillows are a fairly new addition, purchased at a local, independently owned store.
The hutch is an antique. My husband bought it when he was still a bachelor.

Sweet spots are comforting somehow, and there are times when it's just fun to look at them!


  1. I love this post, Suzanne. I love your "sweet spots". I have a few of those in my own home, too. Things that I never tire of that pull a memory together. You are lucky to have so many wonderful family bits and pieces to remind you of home and family. Hope you have a Happy Halloween night- xo Diana

  2. These are the things that truly make a house a home...all of those personal, very meaningful treasures! Your sweet spots are truly lovely!

  3. Hi Suzanne,
    I love all your sweet spots in your lovely home. So many beautiful pieces with loving memories attached.

  4. You really do vignettes well, Suzanne. Your shelves are proof positive with the way you arrange your books and treasures. We are the same, on when I get something right, why change it? Well, once in awhile, I love variety or I may buy a new piece, but for the most part, I am happy and so satisfied when I get it perfect

    Jane x


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