Saturday, October 31, 2015


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There are many things I love about my home, 
but I have a few favorite spots.

Sweet spots, I call them.
I don't mess with the vignette too much
because I like it the way it is.
This is rare.

On this beautiful fall morning, I thought
I would share a few of them with you.

The lamp was a wedding gift.
The painting came from my MIL, as did the desk.
The pears are plastic.

The bowl is part of a collection, also from my MIL.
The books tell a story about who we are.

The mirror was a Home Goods find many years ago.
The candlesticks came from Target.
The piano belonged to my mother. I moved it to our house after she passed away.

My husband and I bought this bench when we were dating.
The pillows were custom from Calico Corners.
The water color is a picture of the house where my husband was raised.

The pillows are a fairly new addition, purchased at a local, independently owned store.
The hutch is an antique. My husband bought it when he was still a bachelor.

Sweet spots are comforting somehow, and there are times when it's just fun to look at them!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Blogger Problems

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There are big ol' problems in this world, and I know 
this is small potatoes. 

However, some things have been spoiling my blog-visiting fun for a while now. 
I visit a site, but instead of finding my blogger friend and her beautiful home or latest recipe, 
I'm assaulted (hyperbole, I realize) by advertisements that clutter the page or flash or blink 
or claim I've won something when I am certain 
I have not. 

For a while I persevered and tried to overlook the ads, but lately 
I find myself visiting sites less frequently, 
or in some cases, 
not at all. 

A few months ago, I agreed to allow advertisements on my blog. 
So far, I've made $34.01. 
I'm glad so many bloggers earn a profit from their blogs. 
Some of them (not mine) require a great deal of time, energy, 
and money. 

Besides that, it's nice to see people doing something they love 
getting paid for it. 

Still, I wonder if traffic is down in some cases. 
I wonder if some of you are frequenting your favorite sites less and less? 
Or, maybe I'm missing some software that would make the images I see 
less cacophonous. 

This is a tiny trouble 

in a world of great big ones, 
but I thought I would put it out there 
and maybe get some helpful feedback.

As for me, I'm considering turning off the ad thingy. 
The belly fat image has shown up on my page one too many times, 
and it's starting to give me a complex!

Happy Friday, y'all.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Frost on the Pumpkins

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It's here! Fall is really, truly here, and there is no more living in denial—wearing flip-flops and sitting on the porch and slathering on sunscreen. I've been embracing the season around here, though. As best as I can anyway.

The other morning my husband said, "There's frost on the pumpkins." This means he's dealing with the fall blues, too, I suppose. Still, I've been looking at Thanksgiving recipes and thinking about the fall getaway to the Eastern Shore, and don't hate me, but my Christmas cards are done. Yep. Oldest daughter was home for a visit, and I put her to work. We failed miserably (I failed, rather) last year, so I was determined to have extra special cards this Christmas. And they are extra special! I've also purchased a couple of gifts and tucked them away. I'll stop bragging now. Sorry.

In theory, I've cut back on my teaching schedule, though I've gone into work for loads of meetings, attended a week-long conference, had a number of nighttime events, and done the usual (perhaps slightly less daunting) grading. Truthfully, I've only seen the teensiest improvement, but I'll take it. At least I am no longer rising at 4:00 AM. Anything is better that THAT nonsense, even a significant cut in pay.

Without further adieu here is my attempt to relish a fall morning in these here parts. I hope wherever you are you are enjoying the season of blessings.

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