Thursday, September 24, 2015

You Say Goodbye

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Oh, how I lament the loss of summer! I am a summer girl through and through. Give me sunshine, the whine of lawn mowers, and the chirping of birds any day. But, alas, summer wouldn't be quite so special if not for all those other seasons. Right?

Here's what's on my plate for fall: a conference in Seattle, Washington (I've never been!); birthdays (all three daughters and the husband); determination to blog (this time I swear I'm gonna keep up); a new novel (I'm writing one for grown-up people, a first for me); and more time with my girls.

The big news in our household is I've gone to a part-time schedule. Perhaps it will be just for this school year. I don't know yet, but the goal is more time with the girls, more time writing, less time feeling like a stressed out mess. So far so good. Fingers crossed we can make it work. Already I feel happier, like I've found a piece of me that'd been missing for a while. Of course, there's that nagging worry that I'm playing hooky or not being as ambitious as I should. Still, I needed this, and I think my family needed this, too. Not so sure how I'll feel when it's time to Christmas shop!

Here are a few summer goodbyes and some fall hellos.

Cassie came to visit. How we love this girl and MISS her! She's living in the San Francisco area now.

I am sitting in this very chair right this very minute. The porch is my summer spot, and I intend to make good use of it until Halloween at least.

Soon I'll be back to store bought flowers, but right now my Endless Summer hydrangea has decided to bloom for the first time all summer. As I've said before, I think I should rename this blog Hydrangea Hill. These pretty girls are called Strawberry Cream. I love that touch of pink on the blossoms.

I've already finished the fall decorating. There is an abundance of plastic gourds in my house!

And lest she get mad at me, I have to give the middle daughter photo credits. Basically, the pictures that look really interesting and cool, she took them. The ones that are run-of-the-mill, those are mine.

Happy fall, y'all!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Three Sisters

It's September. Somehow that shocks me.
Fall decorations are out.
I just saw a commercial for Christmas lay-away.


In fact, these shots are for this year's Christmas card.

These girls have been keeping me busy. OH, how I love being their mom.
Cassie was home for a visit earlier this month.
Elsbeth is back to playing lacrosse.
Flannery is on the high school badminton team
and riding horses.

We've spent most weekends on the Eastern Shore, swimming, sailing, exercising, socializing.
FUN times!

I do not need to be a great photographer to get great pictures of these girls.
They are beautiful.
They are funny.
They are wild and young and full of promise.
I am a lucky mom.

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