Tuesday, July 28, 2015

It's Summer, Y'all!

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I love all the seasons, but I live for this time of year. No, I'm not being dramatic. It's really true. What teacher doesn't live for this time of year? My summer break began officially on June 19th, and it's been a whirlwind so far. Actually, it was a whirlwind even before school let out.

1. A five-day trip to Los Angeles to celebrate oldest "baby's" USC graduation in May. She now has a master's degree!

2. A three-day jaunt to NYC to celebrate not one but TWO of my students' Scholastic Art & Writing success. They won shiny medals and lots of cash! And, a brief visit with a best friend in her Brooklyn brownstone.

3. A week on the boat and visiting with family in June.

4. A week of lunches with friends and one (only one!) summer work day. No pictures of THAT, thank you very much.

5. A week on Lake Michigan with our friends from Chicago.

6. A trip to D.C. to hear the lovely and all grown up Taylor Swift.

7. And now a few weeks at home, the place I always long to be. I am a homebody at heart. I love my porch and my living room. I love my kitchen and our gardens. I love the sounds of my girls laughing and watching a movie in the basement or slip-sliding in the backyard. I love hanging out on the patio while my husband grills a steak. I love taking loop walks (we call the 4.5 mile trek around our neighborhood The Loop).

I'm not sure what the rest of summer will bring. Normally, we head to the Outer Banks for a week, but we're foregoing that this year. We were just there in April.

OH, but these pictures do make me want to go back!

I hope you all are having a great summer. I have missed this blog world. I hope to post more and visit blogs and maybe squeeze in a project or two. Today's home improvement involves washing the mildew off the shower curtain liner. I will spare you the gory details on that one.

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