Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Slippery Slopes & Paint

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School was running two hours late this yesterday morning, which always throws a ringer in my day, as it involves lots of complicated work/kid juggling and soliciting our neighbors' help. A snow day is different. I'll take that any old time! But you can keep those extra couple of hours of chaos and grumpy kids and cars in ditches.

I was nearly in the clear when I hit a slippery slope. Uh, I mean that literally. Down the hill middle daughter and I went, slipping and sliding all over the place. We were headed straight for a tree, three trees, in fact, when somehow a clump of bramble stopped us in our very shaken but grateful tracks. Seriously, it was a miracle.

Then the real fun started. Chopping down bramble and sawing off tree limbs and shoveling snow. It was a Jack London kind of morning. In preparation for the tow truck driver, I wanted to clear as much brush out of the way as possible. No scratches on my car, please! The tow truck driver arrives, and I am delighted. I guess you're either really happy to see a tow truck driver or not happy at all. In my case, I was pleased guessed it. He got stuck. Several hours and a fair number of helpful neighbors later, my car is free. I am pooped, mind you. Next time there's a two-hour delay, I think I should stay in bed, not step a southern-girl-at-heart foot out the door.

On another happier note, I am saying goodbye to the yellow in my mudroom. It's been fun. Sometimes I love taking a big ole decorating risk. It's just paint, after all. In honor of this cheerful space, I thought I'd share a few pictures.

It is a shocking color for sure, but I've had no regrets about it.

The cheerful yellow makes me happy, especially on a gloomy, gray day.

And I've always loved the white plates in contrast. 

So if I love it, and the color makes me happy, why paint? 

Oh, never mind. This is blogger world, the place where people 
get that painting and repainting is how I get my kicks!

Is it Friday yet? Nope, it's Tuesday Wednesday!
Time to link up with Savvy Southern Style!

It was time to link up yesterday, except I forgot, which means I really was exhausted.
Happy Hump Day:-)


  1. You must have been terrified! What a morning! I had my kitchen in TX painted that shade of yellow when I was married. It was cheerful. But yeah, I understand that blogger repainting thing!

  2. WOW what a morning...I'm glad no one got hurt!! Can't wait to see the changes your making!

  3. I'm so glad you are safe! What a scare. I hate ice.

    Looking forward to what you do!!!

    Jane xx

  4. Whoa, Suzanne, what a scary situation. I'm glad you and the kids weren't hurt, or your car either. That is a really cheery color and I love yellow too, but now you will do something else you love. That's what makes it all worthwhile! Because you can!....Happy Wednesday..Judy

  5. So glad your car accident was minor! I love the color of your mudroom, and I am looking forward to seeing what you change it too!

  6. Glad you're all safe. Can't wait to see the new color!

  7. That sounds very scary. So happy that you came out of it safe and sound. Looking forward to seeing the new color. xo Laura

  8. That is a cheerful color. I like the contrast of it with the blue. I can see why you like it. Be careful driving around in that snow!


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