Tuesday, January 13, 2015


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Yellow is my favorite color. 
It has been since sixth grade when I officially declared it. 
I seriously doubt my declaration drew much attention.
It's still true, however. 
 I love yellow!

I also love pink, and lately I've been adding some pink touches
to my living room.

These flowers are from my husband, a birthday present. Aren't they gorgeous?

After taking down the Christmas tree, I added some different plates to the wall.
The asparagus one is my new favorite, a gift from some very dear friends.
I love the combination of yellow and pink with a hint of green.

What are you tweaking these days?

Sometimes it's the little changes that make a big difference.

Enjoy a little color on this cold winter's day!

It's Tuesday. Time for some fun over at Savvy Southern Style!



  1. I love how a little change can make such a big difference!! So pretty!!

  2. Those plates look great on the wall. I am not tweaking at all right now. The house is on the market and it is easier not to do anything...

  3. I'm going to be adding a bit of pink to my decor soon. I love yellow too. The thought of sunshine beckons at the sight of yellow...

  4. It's often those smallest changes that bring the most satisfaction, and can have a big impact, too. Your flowers are beautiful (happy birthday!), and the asparagus plate is lovely! I'm working on a guest bedroom and a wall in my kitchen.

  5. So pretty. Love the bright and cozy feel. Beautiful.

  6. I love those beautiful plates! I am tweaking away at the whole downstairs of the house. Some things have turned out amazing, others need further tweaking. It's my hobby!

  7. I have always thought yellow was such a happy, uplifting color. When I had babies their nurseries were always yellow. xo Diana

  8. You are so right. A little color and some tweaking goes a long ways to adding up to comfort. With putting my snowmen in my parlor with all the blue, I felt it looked a little cold, so I stole a pink pillow off of the guest bed and put it on the sofa. There you have it, an instant warming trend..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  9. That's a very pretty vignette on your wall. I once had yellow walls in my home and found it to be very cheerful. Your roses are beautiful! Happy (belated) Birthday!


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