Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Getting Fresh

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No, I have not been pinching strangers or smart-mouthing my elders. I've been fluffing and poofing and cleaning. What a mess!

Bye, little tree. We sure loved you!

When we first moved to our current home, I decided to decorate the downstairs in blue. Not just blue, of course, but I wanted a touch of blue in every room so I could change things up with relative ease.

Turns out this was a good move.

I never seem to tire of this color. It's soft and pretty and soothing.

For a while I'd been searching for a couple of pillows for these chairs.
Finally, I found these beauties.
The best part?

They'll work in any room.

I love Christmas, but I also love having my house clean and in order.

Any tried and true decorating tricks you'd like to share?

Linking up with Kim at Savvy Southern Style because it's Tuesday, y'all!


  1. I adore your blue and the fabrics you've chosen in your house. Also, the wallpaper...we don't use wallpaper in Texas much lately and I just love the look. Your new pillows are gorgeous. I've used shades of red, green, and yellow for years. I'm now phasing out the yellow and adding in blues. Loving it!

    1. Thanks, Stacey. We had a difficult time deciding whether to use wallpaper or not. We have never regretted it, though. I'm getting ready to paint over the bright yellow in my mudroom. We must think alike:-)

  2. I love blue and white but keep it in our master bedroom. I, too, love Christmas, but when it's over I can't wait to rip it all down and start fresh! This year I'm trying to move things around to create a fresh look. I love the "reality" picture of what the house looks like when the tree first comes down! Happy New Year

  3. My floor will look like that shortly! Your blue's are beautiful, i jut love the patina of your dining hutch. Cleaning up and starting fresh is the only thing good about the Christmas season being over. I go from decorative overload to a more simple look..seems stark at first.

    1. I know. I always feel it looks stark, too. I bought some fresh flowers, though, and that helped.

  4. I tend to do the same thing. I mix and match throughout my space on a whim!

  5. Your floor looked like mine when we took our tree down! All of my rooms have red, yellow, blue and green in them, so things can move around with ease as well. Those pillows are great!

  6. I love blue too. It's an easy color to live with and decorate with. I love your new pillows! They are beautiful. I'm sure you enjoy being able to use them in any room you choose.


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