Monday, January 5, 2015


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The world is an abundant place, and joy comes from the simple pleasures—a nice home-cooked dinner, a roaring fire, a chat on the phone with a friend.

Big ticket items often bring more stress than solace, and with each new thing comes added responsibility and worry. My focus for 2015 is acceptance of who I am and gratitude for far more blessings than I probably deserve.

What I want most is to want less.

I love this blogger world. I love looking at pretty houses and reading the latest updates. The kindness that I see demonstrated again and again is inspiring. I am truly grateful for the sweet lift your words bring to my often stress-filled days.

As my kids and I head back to reality this week, I am truly grateful for my home sweet home. I am fortunate to live in this spot in the country. This roof, these windows and walls provide shelter and solace. It is enough. I have enough.

Wishing you peace on this January Monday!

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