Friday, September 26, 2014

Fall on the Outside

It's fall inside.

 But I've put a few fall touches outside, as well.

The weather is supposed to be gorgeous here this weekend.
Good thing because tomorrow night my house will be filled with
THIRTEEN year olds.

Let's hope they can play badminton
and jump on the trampoline
and roast marshmallows

My strawberry cream hydrangeas are blooming again.
And if you can believe it, I only got one pretty blue bloom
on my endless summer hydrangeas this year.

I thought all was lost. 
Guess what. It's now loaded with buds.
Mother Nature is mysterious that way.

I hope your weekend is glorious.


  1. The ribbon on the wreath is wonderful. Have a great weekend!

  2. Love your outdoor fall, the wreath is gorgeous.

  3. Beautiful mantle. Strange, one of my hydrangea has a bloom on it too?

  4. Good luck with the party...they come and go so fast! Ha!

    I absolutely love your sidewalk entry...the wild are quite a creative gardener and after my own heart!

    Jane xxx


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