Sunday, September 14, 2014

Easing into Fall

It's time to face facts.
Fall is almost here.
On that note, I am embracing the bounty of my
hydrangea bushes.
Maybe I should rename this blog
Hydrangea Happy.

The truth is hydrangeas seem to love our soil more than daffodils.

Rather than jump right into my fall decorating, I've decided to take little baby steps.

This has been another busy week, and if I have to attend one more
back-to-school night, I might 
have to be medicated.

My hubby had shoulder surgery on Friday, too.
He's a tough guy.
I, on the other hand, am a wimp.
Whilst in the recovery room, the nurse is talking to ME, giving ME 
all these post-op instructions, and I got so squeamish
at the surgical/medical/bone/stitches talk, 
I thought I might pass right out.
Never mind that I've had three children.

Luckily for both of us, my husband was coherent enough to recall everything she said.
And I managed to pull myself together enough to say thank you
and exit the hospital on my own two feet.

I hope this is a happy week for all, preferably a week that does not involve 
a back-to-school night 

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  1. Suzanne- Those hydrangeas are gorgeous. I can only grow the white Annabelle's here. The other ones all revert back to white/green even with ph treatment. Those VASES are gorgeous!!! I just love them-and they are the perfect compliment to the colors in the hydrangeas.

    Sorry about hubby's surgery. Hope he heals quickly. I worked in a hospital so, thankfully, I am not squeamish at all, but my hubby just about passed out years ago when my daughter's ear got cut partially off. That was not pretty- but you would never know it today. They reattached it and you can't see it even when you know it was there. Dr. took one look at hubby and said- You better have HIM sit down or we'll be operating on him next. lol

    Hope you have a wonderful week with no more "school" nights and NO stitches. xo Diana

  2. WOW! Your mantle bouquets are stunning and I especially like the green vases. I can see those being useful for some many different flowers and branches.

  3. Suzanne your hydrangeas are gorgeous!! I LOVE how they look on your mantel!!
    Hope the hubby is feeling better...and a great week!

  4. Replies
    1. Haha. Thanks, Martina. You have a great one, too. Hope your back-to-school schedule is going well.

  5. The hydrangeas are beautiful! I have two back to school nights this week and I have to prepare something to say for one of them since I am a homeroom rep. Just another thing to add to my list. Hope your husband is feeling better..I am the wimp in my family when it comes to health issues btw... Enjoy your week!

  6. Your hydrangeas are just gorgeous, Suzanne. I hope your hubby is feeling better. I used to be a wimp, but after my daughter got so many health problems I pretty much got over it. Hope you have a better week ahead. xo Laura

  7. Your hydrangeas are beautiful! Hope you husband recovers quickly!


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