Thursday, August 14, 2014

Summer Vistas

Years ago when we bought our new house, the broker kept commenting on our vistas.
"There's not a bad view in this house," she said.
Actually, there is one bad view, and it's in the master on 
my side of the bed. But if that's the only bad view, 
I'll take it.

Since that time we have planted and weeded and planted some more.
Seventy-plus items in the backyard alone.
I should mention there was nothing back here.
Just weeds.

My husband built this patio. He's a multi-talented guy.

In planning our gardens, I kept vistas in mind.
How would these flowers and shrubs and trees look
from inside the house?

In all honesty, everything looks better than I envisioned, especially this summer with such
cool weather and plenty of rain.
I have soaked it up, both from inside and outside my house.

Soon it's back to reality, but right now there's still time for another 
garden project, lunch with a dear friend, movie nights with my girls, 


  1. Great views. Love that patio and all your plantings.

  2. Suzanne you have great views and beautiful gardens!!

    1. Thanks, Martina. And congrats on the SSS feature! Your BR looks beautiful!

  3. Beautiful! I love all the window shots!

  4. Your views are beautiful! I just realized looking at your pictures that my plantings tend to be out far from the house and I need to do more close to the windows. When we moved here two years ago we started at the perimeter of the backyard - and it's a small yard. Time to move up closer. :)

    1. Thanks, Stacey. I tried to keep in mind how tall things would get (thankfully!) and whether or not the root system would affect the foundation or underground pipes, etc. Good luck! It's a good time for planting. Lots of garden sales, too.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks, Penny. I cleaned the cobwebs off my front porch today with you in mind:-) We're not moving, though.

  6. You have some gorgeous landscape and flowers. No bad views! Your husband is very talented what a beautiful job he did on the patio!

  7. You did a beautiful job with your gardening, and your husband did a great job on the patio. I think you succeeded with having beautiful vistas to look out on from inside your home!


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