Monday, August 25, 2014

Savoring the Season?

It's tempting to plant the mums and get out the fall decorations.
But I'm going to resist that because it's still summer.
Yes, Mother Nature is giving us subtle hints that she's
redecorating again.
And schools all over the country are, or will soon be, back in session.
A Facebook friend posted this morning that Christmas is
four months away.
I don't care.

For now, I am going to savor every second 
of this summer season.

My strawberry cream hydrangeas are still gorgeous.
The days are still warm.
The evenings are pleasant.

Soon I'll put these summer arrangements away till next year.
But I'm not ready yet.

Lately, I've been mouthing off about making
every precious minute count.

This means not rushing things, seasons included.

Cozy fires will remain outdoors.

The summer wreath will stay on the door.

Oh, darn you, Pottery Barn! You make rushing the season

Not sure how long I'll be able to hold out!


  1. I feel the same way, Suzanne! Everything still looks lush and fresh to me. But shhhh...I have been hoarding away a few fall items as I find them! :)


  2. It's still over 100 degrees here so it seems silly to rush fall. However, I have to admit to ordering a mercury glass pumpkin for PB. Couldn't help myself!

    1. I know! I love that one! Good for you!

  3. I am soooooo with you on this! I want to soak up every warm day, to hold in my memory this winter when it seems like summer will never come again.

    Plus here in NC if you buy mums now, they will be dead in a couple of weeks. I wait until the beginning of October.


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