Friday, August 8, 2014

Garden Party

Tonight we're hosting a garden party for oldest daughter.
We figured this would be an easy way for her to reconnect
with friends and a means of repaying those who've
hosted us so frequently (hubby and I are not big entertainers) 
in the past.

We're thick into preparations, but I thought you might like to see our gardens
in full bloom.

I'm off to enjoy these fleeting days before oldest "baby" heads back to California.


  1. Your gardens are beautiful! Enjoy your party.

  2. It looks like you will be having a wonderful garden party. Your garden looks so lovely. Enjoy.

  3. How absolutely beautiful! It's 100 here in Texas but it's so pretty out.

    Enjoy your garden party - that's such a fun idea.

    1. It was a great evening! Thanks, Stacey.


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