Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Oh, How I Love You, Summer!

The bounty is…well, bountiful!

Gardening is therapeutic, but it is also hard work. 
When I step outside wielding scissors and 
come back with this, however,
I know the back-breaking days were worth it!

I look at these photos, at the shapes and textures and vibrant colors, 
and shake my head at the miracle 
of it all.

My girls were away at camp, so I spent Monday and Tuesday in the office getting ready for the start of school. And somehow I'm excited about this, too. Not now! No, not now!
But in a few weeks it will be good to actually put on make-up and properly 
dry my hair and pick out a cute outfit and go to school.
I have missed my students.
I have missed my colleagues.
But right now it's summer, and I'm not done playing in the dirt.


  1. You must have a spectacular garden! Have you shared it on your blog? I'd love to see it. And school is ready to start so soon! I was in Target yesterday and the Back To School aisles were jam packed. My daughter just finished up school and is teaching high school English. At least she did from January to May filling in for a teacher on maternity leave, Now the search is on again. She's only 23, I find it hard to imagine her standing in front of student who are bigger than her and that look older!!

    It's so nice to gear you say you've missed your students and colleagues. Although some may think it's great to be home, not be employed, I do miss the adult camaraderie and that reason to look my best every morning!

    I just wanted to add that I read your last post, the one on fear. Then I got called away and hadn't commented. I just wanted you to know that I identified so much with what you wrote...I could have written it! I hope you continue to touch on topics that your readers know so well.

    Jane xx

  2. All of your flowers are beautiful! Enjoy the rest of your sweet summer!


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