Monday, July 7, 2014

Green on the Patio

Bet you thought I was going to talk about mold or something, but I won't, I promise.
The green I'm referring to are our new cushions. In the past we've had some very uncomfortable patio chairs without cushions and two ancient chairs I picked up at Sears 20+ years ago.

But this year we decided it was time to have a more comfortable outdoor spot. I did some checking and finally ended up ordering these lounge chairs from Amazon. And my husband repainted my old chairs. I picked up new cushions for those, too.

With so much color in the garden, we wanted to keep things more neutral on the patio, and this seems to do the trick.

My husband slaved over this patio for quite a long time. Yes, he built it, and other than one young guy he hired to help dig it out and the two friends he recruited to help with the concrete, he did this single-handedly. 

On a sad note, look at my poor crepe myrtle. They were hit hard over the winter, and it's taking forever for them to bounce back!

As of October we will have been in this house five years. It's hard to believe, really. More and more, however, I find that things are coming along. It takes such a long time to make a house feel like a home!

It's a beautiful day here, and I spent most of last week gardening. This week I will spend time with my girls. Daughter number two is finally old enough to go the gym with me! It's fun working out with her. Daughter number three just made the gymnastics team.  I also feel the urge to make a poundcake, something I haven't done for a while. Oh, and there's camp shopping to do and laundry, of course. I don't know why, but it makes me happy to have such a simple list of chores ahead. 
I am in full summer mode now!


  1. Your hubby did a beautiful job on that patio!! That whole area looks so pretty!! Are crepe myrtles are sprouting very slowly this year too...we even lost one :-( Ours only grow into large bushes not trees...but we are ok with that my hubby loves them!

  2. Love your patio and love the green cushions too. So pretty.

  3. Your new chairs are perfect as is the choice of green! It sounds like you have a fun time happening this summer.

  4. Looks beautiful!! We are in full summer mode around here too! Enjoy the time with your family!


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