Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fiddling with the Mantel

I love changing up the mantel for the seasons, and while I am mostly a fresh flower lover, dealing with dead flowers and smelly water on the mantel isn't an option. Fresh flowers on the dining room table? Yes. Fresh flowers on the mantel? No.

I'm a fan of Betsy Speert, decorator extraordinaire and very funny lady. She has phony flowers all over her place, and she makes them look real. So, I did some blog snooping research and picked up a few ideas and headed off to Michael's.

I told myself I wouldn't spend much money, but this little change-up was over a hundred dollars. I will be storing these away safely come fall, however. That way I'll be able to use them for several years and recoup the investment eventually.

Vases, flowers, and candles are all from Michael's. The water color is an original, something my husband picked up long before he found me.

If you love cottage style (I do!), check out Betsy's blog. Even if cottage style isn't your thing, check it out anyway. She'll make you laugh out loud!


  1. Your arrangements are beautiful and I really love your vases. A big fan of green and white!

  2. Very pretty and very summery!! Love those green vases!

  3. I actually just dumped several fresh flower arrangements, one of which was on my mantle. Its a bit to keep up with for sure. I finally found a liquid product in the floral dept while grocery shopping today which is supposed to prolong the bloom. We shall see! Your arrangements and mantle look wonderful and I'm amazed at what good taste your husband has in picking out art! Cindy from

  4. So pretty and smart....fresh flowers are tough on the mantel - I always forget about them! Your arrangements are fabulous! Jane

  5. Your mantle looks beautiful! I enjoy Betsy too :)

  6. I would never have known those were fake from the photos...beautiful! I use fake flowers to decorate a console... it would get too expensive to constantly replace them. Your mantel looks fiddled to perfection!

  7. Hi Suzanne! Thanks for stopping by. Looks like I haven't been too caught up with you either! I love what you've done with your patio...I live outdoors and I think those loungers would be wonderful to curl up on with a good book or magazine. And your faux flowers look wonderful. I used to decorate a lot with them, I think from a distance, like on your mantel, they look beautiful. Michael's has some great ones.

    Hope you're having a fabulous summer! :)

    Jane xx


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