Monday, July 28, 2014

Bedside Pretty

My girls are away at summer camp, and while I LOVE my girls, it's been fun to have some down time.
I spent the last three days on our sailboat. We returned last night and had dinner on the patio—steak, yummy potatoes, salad, wine. The hubby and I watched a movie. Nebraska. It was good. It was strange. It was oddly, perhaps even perversely, funny, though not light-hearted for sure.

It's also been great to have some reading time these last few weeks, and I have been devouring books like crazy! Once school starts up again, most of my reading consists of student work.

I like my bedside table pretty and somewhat uncluttered. For me, this is uncluttered. Depends on your perspective, I suppose. Lately, we've had amazing weather, especially for July. I've even been able to sleep with the windows up here and there, highly unusual for July in these parts.

Flowers from my garden make me happy in ways I can't quite describe. Like an unexpected compliment perhaps? Or a truly helpful clerk in a store where you thought you'd have to fend for yourself? I often have flowers in the living room or dining room or TV room even, but I rarely take the time to put them next to me.

I finished this book a couple of weeks ago: Lee Smith's Guests On Earth. She's one of my favorite writers, and I've read almost all of her novels. Currently, I'm reading another Joyce Carol Oates book.

During the school year when we are all exhausted, I'll say to my husband just as we crawl into bed, "Is it horrible that this is my favorite time of the day?" He usually agrees with me. There is something wonderful about putting reality aside for a while, grabbing a book, and losing yourself in the lives of others.

It'll be quiet around here for the next couple of days and then the children return. They will have gobs of dirty laundry and good stories to tell. They will be a tad sunburned because they "forgot" to put on sunscreen. Soon, we'll have to face school supply aisles and set up appointments for fresh haircuts and organize fall sports schedules. It will be nuts. But for as long as I possibly can, I plan to savor these days of summer. I will avert my eyes to any back-to-school ads. I will curl up in bed or on our porch and read, read, read.

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  1. Enjoy every moment...I can't believe our summer break will be over soon:-(
    PS...your bedside table always looks so pretty!

  2. Pretty table Suzanne. Glad you had some down time just for you! Makes their homecoming really special when mama is all relaxed!

  3. I love that you care that your night stand looks perfect! That would be me :)

  4. I can totally relate, as my son is away at camp, too. It is a good break for everyone! I am not looking forward to the rat race of the school year, either, but then again, it's good to get back into a routine. Savor the last few weeks of summer, and enjoy!

  5. Your nightstand looks beautiful and I am happy to hear that you had some time for yourself to read!


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