Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My Middle Child

On Saturday the middle daughter and I took a long walk, cameras in tow.
We live in a rural area, so the scenery is pretty fantastic.
But this post is not about scenery.
Actually, it is about scenery, but not the river or the pastures or the blue sky.
The prettiest scenery here is my lovely middle daughter.

As children are apt to do, she is growing up before my very eyes.
She's taller than I am, and according to a recent X-ray, still growing.

She is friendly and funny and down-to-earth.
She has what my sister-in-law calls 
"rich girl hair."

See what I mean?

She is a talented photographer. 
She is a thoughtful daughter and a kind sister.
She loves dogs and all animals.

Saturday's walk was 4.2 miles, and at first she was skeptical about going.
But then she asked, "Can I bring my camera?"
I said, "Of course. I'll bring mine, too."

We snapped lots and lots of photographs.
But then middle daughter spotted a field of geese.
"Can I chase them, Mom?"
"Sure," I replied.
And so she did.

And in that moment, I realized something else: she isn't that grown-up. Not yet.
I don't know any adults who would've chased these geese.

Experts say middle children often feel invisible, especially in a family where all the children are of the same gender.

They say middle children need to feel heard.

They say middle children are more flexible. My middle child is definitely more flexible.

They say you should schedule dates with your middle child. I happen to believe you should have dates with all your children, but I can see where the middle child might need them more.

I'm so glad I asked my middle daughter to walk with me.
I'm so very glad she said yes.

It's amazing how just a little alone time can make you feel closer and more connected.

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  1. You are a good and wise mother. Awesome pics. They grow up so fast.

  2. Isn't she beautiful? Aren't you happy that you can capture the sweet innocence of her at this age? Those years between being a "little girl" and a "young lady" are so very fleeting. Enjoy every precious moment- xoDiana

  3. Thanks for the reminder! I have a middle daughter and I will schedule a date for just the two of us:) Nice post!

  4. I love this and can attest that she is, indeed, a very good sister. :) xo

    Also, I'm impressed with your GIF-making skills!!

  5. Sage advice! Your daughter is beautiful (sound like she is on the inside, too), and yep, great hair! I only have one child, but it's a great reminder to carve out one-on-one time with our kids.


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